Flatlay board workshop

Mkono hosted a fabulous workshop this last Friday on flatlay boards. It was a wonderful morning of conversation, yummy treats and creativity!


The morning started out with the participants being welcomed into Mkono’s HQ with a warm cup of coffee and some delicious treats to enjoy. It didn’t take long and the room was filled with conversation and laughter. There was a wonderful mix of photographers, bloggers and entrepreneurs in the audience.

Cassandra from Backdrop Shop SA ran the workshop and her presentation was very informative. She covered everything from how to photograph with the boards, eliminating shadows by using the reflector board and how to care for the boards.

The participants then got the chance to work practically with the boards and be creative! Everyone played around with lighting, backgrounds and props. It was so interesting to see how everyone is so different and how you could take creative inspiration from some everyday items if you just “thought out the box”. Needless to say, the images that came from the workshop are amazing!

The morning ended with some sparkling wine and renewed inspiration. Each participant went home with 2 boards, a reflector board and a carrier bag!! Thank you to all the participants that took part in the workshop. I cannot wait to host the next one! Have a look at Mkono’s events page to view the next up and coming events!

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