A doughy morning at Mkono HQ


Mkono HQ was filled with children’s laughter last week as we ran 2 kids workshops designed specially for them! Needless to say, it was a very messy week and we loved every minute of it! The parents were catered for with fresh coffee, rusks, fruit and scones. 

It is amazing to see children sit so quietly for so long… it almost seems unnatural!! What a pleasure it is to see their little cogs going as they stick, paint, cut and roll their way through Mkono’s crafty activities! On this particular morning we ran a salt dough workshop. Salt dough is a form of dough made out of normal household ingredients, particularly salt (hence the name) to make a rollable, squishable dough. The children wasted no time is getting stuck in as soon as the sticky dough touched the table surface. They eagerly began bashing, rolling and particularly, squishing the dough between their fingers. I mean, the sheer delight on their faces was worth every minute! Once the dough came together to form a firm pizza type dough, they began rolling it out and started to think about what cookie cutters they were going to use first and how they wanted to decorate their ornaments. Let me just say, the glitter was particularly popular… Literally a GLITTER BOMB exploded and we were all signing “Can’t stop the feeling” from Trolls! 

Once all the children has finished cutting their ornaments and decorating them, we then began to paint ornaments that were pre made and dried. We had everything from rainbow bears to spotty hearts and the children decided on a combination of single hanging ornaments and garlands! Each child went home with their newly painted creations while their freshly rolled and cut ornaments dried out, which were hand delivered in a little box for them to open.

Thank you to all the fabulous Mkono kids for just being awesome and to the parents for booking them into the workshop and letting them get filthy! What a blast! 

Much love

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