A morning well spent!


Mamas and their daughters spent a joyful morning at Mkono HQ for a wonderful time filled with flowers and love! Welcomed with a hot cup of coffee and some treats, everyone quickly got their heads into the game! We started on the children’s crowns first and Camilla quickly showed us how to create the base of the crown with wire and tape as well as securing a loop for the back. The children quickly got the hang of twisting the tape around the wire and despite it being a rather tricky task, all the children grasped it very quickly.

Once this was complete, the joyful task of decorating the crown with flowers was next on the agenda which, might I add, is certainly the best part! Each participant go to create their very own version of a flower crown with all the flowers at hand. Each child had a say as to how the flowers were placed on their crowns and in what order.

It didn’t take long and the crowns started to take shape and the children began to get excited as they started to see their creations taking shape. Once the children’s crowns were complete, the children were treated to treats, popcorn, music, colouring in and other activities leaving the moms free to create their own crowns. The time was spent drinking tea and chatting while the larger and more intricate crowns bloomed one by one in each of the moms hands!

Once the crowns were all finished, it was photo time! This was a special moment for each mama and child and all images were sent to each parent for them to keep and frame.

Thank you to Camilla for all her expertise on the day, for also being amazing with the children. thank you also to Jacqueline for taking the beautiful images on the day and a big thank you to all the participants, big and small for enthusiastically taking part in the workshop!

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