5 ways to warm up a winter wedding

Are you planning a winter wedding this year? Mkono has a few ideas for you to make sure your guests stay cosy throughout your special day. Depending on your location, it can get really chilly during the winter months and it is vital to make sure your guests are well looked after.

Hot chocolate bar

With Booze of course! Offering your guests a delicious warming drink during your reception is a wonderful way to not only thaw those cold aching muscles but also leave your guests feeling like you have thought of every small detail, putting them and their experience at the forefront of your planning! Create a beautiful space for your guests to create a warm chocolaty drink to their exact specifications. A few delicious boozy additions to your chocolate drink would not go amiss either. suggestions would be Amarula, port, brandy, chocolate liqueur, mint liqueur or Cointreau because chocolate and orange were made for each other! Add a few extra bits for toppings such a whipped cream, marshmallows, shaved chocolate or even broken bits if chocolate bars to melt in at the bottom of the cup! OK… I’m done! I am off to make a hot chocolate right now!!!

Provide beautiful, soft blankets for your guests to wrap up

The church can be a cold place guys! and while you are viewing your dream church or venue in the middle of the summer heat, take note of how cold it could get on the actual day of your wedding! It may not seem like it while you are melting as you walk around and talk about where you want your mom to sit… but giving a bit of extra thought will certainly go a long way. I attended my nephews christening in an ice cold church in the Wine Valley of the Western Cape. It got so cold, I went outside to thaw! yes!! OUTSIDE! If you planning a winter wedding, have a few pretty blankets scattered around your ceremony venue to help your guests stay warm and focus on the most important part of the ceremony… YOU!! You can even take the opportunity and personalise the blankets for people to take home as a memento of your day!

Pick your reception venue carefully

You are overwhelmed with all the planning of the day and the small details sometimes get over looked (this is where we can help!) However, when you are searching for a winter reception venue, be sure to think about what amenities the venue has to keep your guests warm. Is it carpeted? Do they have an internal heating system or perhaps they have a gorgeous fireplace that you can use? If they do have a fireplace be sure to double check it is open and usable and not just there to look pretty!

Think about potential rentals

So the venue doesn’t have a fire place or carpets….well, you may have to consider hiring heaters for your venue. I know that this may seem like a silly addition to your budget but I promise you, it is worth it! Think about your venue and the type of heating that is required. You may not need massive mushroom heaters and there are many varieties out there so do a bit of digging to find the solution that suits you!

Adorn your bridal party!

Yes!!! No bride wants photos of her bridal party wearing miss matched coats or worse, no warm clothes with a grimace on their face! Why not allocate some gorgeous faux fur shoulder wraps to keep them warm but looking just gorgeous at the same time! I just love this idea and it gives a sense of luxury and unity to your tribe and your day!

So, with these items ticked off, your winter wedding will be a huge hit! and your guests will thank you, I promise!

Do get in touch of you are looking for more ideas or help with planning your special day because, at the end of the day, your day is our passion!


Candace x

*photo credit – Pinterest

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