Tips on finding your perfect Wedding photographer

When all is done, the flowers have wilted, the fairy lights switched off and the venue cleared… when the honeymoon is over and normal life resumes, the only reminder you have of your amazing day, what it looked like and how you felt, is your photographs. I literally want to cry when I hear brides who want “cheap” photographers for their wedding. After all is said and done, your photographs are your only visual memento of your special day. Make sure your photographer knows what they are doing and that he/she can capture the essence of your day. Here are some tips on how to secure the best photographer possible.

Do your research
When searching for a photographer, make sure you do your research before booking and paying the deposit. Check their social media pages, websites and testimonials. Arrange a meeting with the photographer and ask to see their portfolio (any decent photographer will have one). Have a look and see if the photographer has been used for styled shoots or has been mentioned on social media posts. This way you can get an authentic feel for their work ethic.

Arrange a meeting
ALWAYS meet with your photographer before booking them. You can never be sure if you are going to “click”. Although the photographer may be amazing, if their is no easy vibe between you, your shoot will feel staged and uneasy. You want your photographer to “get” you as a couple and understand what you are hoping to achieve with your private shoot. At the end of the meeting, if you are not excited, then the photographer is not for you.

When looking at their portfolio look for the following:

Depth of field
Ensure there are a number of images within the portfolio that reflects good depth of field. This is when elements of the photograph are out of focus making the subject of the photo the focal point. 


Candid group shots
Make sure that your photographer has some candid group images of various wedding guests within their portfolio. While you are swept away in the moment, you will miss the reaction of your guests throughout the day, you will want your photographer to capture those sweet, funny or emotional moments for you.


Bad lighting
Taking photos in bad light is extremely tricky and it takes a real professional to get the right balance of light to make the image beautiful. When looking at the portfolio, make sure your photographer knows how to take amazing shots in the dark. You will want to see beautiful images with interesting characteristics and light. 

Their style and “colour”
Make sure their style of photography are matched with the effect you are trying to achieve. Are they minimalist and clean with a fresh look and feel? Or are they moody, with an interestingly darker characteristic to the lighting they use making your photos feel mystical? Or perhaps their style is more traditional with great uses of light and reflections? Each photographer has a particular style that appeals to them and a great way to see the style of images you can expect to receive, is to find their Instagram account and look at their grid. 

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Your wedding day will be one of the most special days of your life. You will want to capture the beautiful, special moments with flare so be sure that the photographer you choose has your best interests at heart! I hope you have found these tips insightful. If you have any other hints or tips on how to pick your perfect photographer, please do leave a comment below! I would love to hear!

Happy searching!



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