Tips to plan your year end function

Year end functions can be tricky… Who has the responsibility of planning them? Usually it is someone in the admin department when this person may have year end deadlines to deal with already. so, lets make sure your colleagues have the tolls to plan a super year end function! Here are some tips to help you plan an awesome function….

End of year venue

Make sure your event venue is accessible to all employees (disabilities and location). If it is an external venue be sure that it is in close proximity to the office as well as safe location for your guests to get home (well lit roads). The end of year function venue needs to serve the purpose for the event (Celebration) but as it is an annual event that does not happen regularly, you’ll want something interesting and quirky. Think gallery, music venue, garden, woodland, tent etc

Catering for an end of year function

Always ensure all dietary requirements are met when selecting your menu. If you are unsure, ask your colleagues to tell you any specific requirements they would like you to consider. Also, as it is a celebration and people will be having a good time, make sure the portions are sizable to fill the bellies of your drinking colleagues. It would be wise to make sure that the food is not served too late. People will begin celebrating from late afternoon so 7.30 – 8pm is the a great time to serve food to make sure everyone has had a sufficient meal to see them through the evening

End of year drinks 

Well now, this is all up top you as an organisation. I would suggest steering clear of providing alcohol all night long however, that decision will be up to management and budget constraints. There are various ways you can provide drinks:

-complimentary drinks all night
-a certain amount behind the bar
-drinks vouchers
-cash bar

Either way, experience has taught me that you always need to provide a selection of beer and wine as well as soft drinks. That way, you are covering your bases with everyone.


My favourite topic. It doesn’t have to be theme related but it must be fun!!! Everyone will cringe at a dress up party but when it comes to it, everyone has a blast. I once decided to have a DJ and dance floor and a organisations internal conference. Everyone thought I was crazy! It is supposed to be all formal but I stuck with my guns. In the end, the CEO was the last person on the dance floor at 2am and it was hailed the BEST one yet! People want to let their hair down no matter how the year has gone for the company. If it has been a hard year, everyone wants to feel motivated for the coming year and still part of a team that sticks together, or if the year has been amazing, saying “thank you” and showing your employees you value them is a sure fine way to keep them motivated!


Please, please make sure your employees get home safe! Planning events in Europe is easy as the public transport system is reliable and safe. SA is not the same. Get them to car pool and have a designated driver, hire a coach or maybe even cover their expenses for Ubers but encourage them NOT to drink and drive. It is not worth the risk!

The Mkono team is standing by for any queries or if you would like us to help you plan your year end function. Get in touch!

We hope that the last querter of 2019 is a successful one and that 2020 is everything you can hoipe for and more with your business!

The Mkono Team


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