Planning a wedding during COVID-19 uncertainty

Oh boy! This virus has taken my beloved industry and turned it on it’s head! What a challenging time to be a vendor in this industry but more importantly, what a difficult time to be a couple planning your wedding now! Many vendors have had to close their doors, not just for the lockdown but for good which puts couples that have booked them at serious risk. How do you as a couple navigate this challenging time when the people you need help from aren’t around? Well, I guess if there was ever an example as to why a planner is so important, this is one of them. Firstly, POSTPONE AND DON’T CANCEL… and then get your planner on it! You’ll want to know the contingency plans for all your vendors and their availability if you want to postpone. Your planners’ job is to help you with all the details to move your wedding if needed.

But what do you do if you don’t have a planner to help you with all the rearranging? The simple answer is to get your bridal party to lend a hand. Let them step in and help with the rearranging and moving the plans around.

Oh my gosh, it can be so stressful if you don’t have either of these options. What do you do? You need the help! Well, I have given it so much thought… trying to come up with a service I can offer clients. How can I actually make a difference?

We will be offering 2 services to help you!

Firstly, we will be running a video series with experts covering various aspects of your wedding planning with tips to help you budget, stay mindful, keep your budget and save money at the end of the day.

We have also decided to offer EVERYONE a free call with us to answer all of your planning questions. It will give you the chance to ask for advice or ideas. We can brainstorm on the best way for you to move forward and we will send a follow up email reiterating everything discussed as well as our supplier list, detailing the suppliers you may need to complete your day.

This is completely OBLIGATION FREE and in no way are you expected to book our services. But, if you do decide you would like to have us on board, we will offer a 20% discount on all quotes sent our during the lockdown to help save you money.

How do I book ? Simply CONTACT US!

The heart and the passion behind Mkono is always to put our clients first. We hope to see you in the private video group or during a one-on-one consultation.

Remember, your wedding day WILL happen and it WILL be amazing!


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